Welcome to the Department for Energy and Mining – Energy Resources Division

DEM’s Energy Resources Division manages the State’s petroleum and geothermal energy resources as the lead agency facilitating ecologically sustainable exploration, development and production. Its operations cover the full cycle - investment attraction through provision of geoscientific data, regulation through policy and legislation, and optimisation of royalty income streams.

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Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ section aims to provide the public with easily accessible and comprehensive responses to a range of questions asked by the public in relation to a variety of Energy Resources activities.

Frequently asked questions

Serious Incident Reporting

To report a serious incident to DEM, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees should contact the serious incident report hotline on: (08) 8463 6666. In the event the number is unattended, please record a message and DEM will return the call as soon as practicable.

South Australian Resources Information Gateway

An online web application enabling users to search, view and download information relating to mineral, petroleum and geothermal exploration in South Australia.