South Australia's Energy and Mining Strategy is a confident statement of the potential for this key sector to build on their enduring strengths, world leadership and capacity for innovation to power a speedy recovery from the unprecedented setbacks of 2020.

The strategy identifies the areas that industry believes the government needs to strengthen to achieve the increase in economic activity that will put South Australia firmly on a growth trajectory. The strategy also sets out the actions the government has already begun to roll out in response to industry and develop further policies and programs.

The core strategic aims are to improve the productive capacity of our resource exporting companies and the supply chain businesses they support, while creating a modern energy system that lowers costs, encourages efficiency and assists in delivering Australia’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The strategy will help to contribute to the overall aims of Growth State which aims to leverage South Australia’s competitive advantages and promote industry growth by responding to the needs of business and industry.

The strategy has been developed after extensive consultation across industry and government.

Download the Energy and Mining Strategy (PDF 27 MB)

For more information visit the Energy and Mining Strategy page on the DEM website.