Update for the Resources and Energy Sector

Several changes have been made to cross-border arrangements for South Australia through an amendment to the Cross Border Travel Associated Directions No 59 & 60.

The key changes for the resources and energy sector are as follows:

  • A New South Wales cross-border corridor has been reinstated.
    • This includes the local government area of Broken Hill and Silverton in New South Wales, and Manna Hill, Olary, Tikalina and Cockburn in South Australia.
    • This change allows residents who have had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, and who have remained in the cross-border corridor during the previous 14 days and not entered other restricted areas in New South Wales, to enter South Australia without restriction.
    • The assessment of risk that supports this change also supports modified restrictions for essential workers across the resources and energy sector. The requirement to apply for exemption and essential traveller approval remains. However, effective immediately, South Australian specialist workers who travel to the cross-border corridor for work in the resources and energy sector can apply for exemption to undertake ‘normal’ (for example “2 and 2”) rosters, and, where an appropriate risk mitigation plan is in place at the worksite, could expect to be issued an exemption to return to South Australia as a Level 3 traveller as defined in the Cross Border Travel General Direction. This Direction includes:
      • A requirement for testing on day 1, 5 and 13
      • Isolating until a negative result is received to the day one test
      • No entry to high risk settings within 14 days of entry into South Australia (residential aged care facilities, disability care facilities, correctional facility, key personnel within a hospital including the emergency department, intensive care, respiratory or  oncology wards, or any Aboriginal community controlled health service)
      • No entry within 14 days of arriving in South Australia to any event  without an approved COVID Management Plan or at which more than 1000 people are present.
  • Travellers coming from Queensland can now transit through New South Wales by road and arrive in South Australia unrestricted, so long as they comply with the transiting requirements of the General Direction (which is they must take the most direct and practicable route; only stop for emergency, respite, or other essential purpose; wear a mask when in contact with the public; and must enter through Oodla Wirra, after travelling through Broken Hill).
  • Travellers can transit through Sydney Airport and arrive in South Australia unrestricted, so long as they do not leave the airport and wear a mask the entire time they are in the airport and on the plane.
  • People who have completed 14 days of supervised quarantine in a New South Wales medi-hotel can travel unrestricted to South Australia as long as they travel immediately to the airport and fly to South Australia. They cannot drive to South Australia.

I look forward to providing further advice shortly regarding the release today of the COVID-Ready Plan for South Australia and its implications for the resources and energy sector.

Stay well,

Paul Heithersay
Chief Executive
Department for Energy and Mining

Tuesday 26 October 2021

The information contained in this resources and energy industry update has been verified by the South Australian Government COVID-19 Public Information Function Support Group coordinated by SA Police.

The Department for Energy and Mining acknowledges Aboriginal people as the First Nations Peoples of South Australia. We recognise and respect the cultural connections as the Traditional Owners and occupants of the land and waters of South Australia, and that they continue to make a unique and irreplaceable contribution to the State