Temporary changes to submission requirements for some petroleum data and reports

The temporary changes below apply until at least close-of-business on Friday 4th December. This timeframe will be reviewed prior to 4th December and will be extended if appropriate.

These temporary changes relate to geoscience-focussed data and reports; they do not alter the existing requirements and timeframes for submission of documentation (e.g. activity notifications, incident reports, EIR/SEO information, production and well test data, downhole diagrams etc.) to Engineering Operations via DEM.Engineering@sa.gov.au. The requirements for the submission of Annual Reports, PACE Gas Reports etc. to the Licensing Branch via DEM.Compliance@sa.gov.au also remain unchanged unless separately advised.

  • All daily operations-related reports (e.g. Daily Operations Reports / Daily Geological Reports etc.) which are currently submitted by e-mail should continue to be sent to ERD as normal
  • The standard deadlines for the submission of all other geoscience-focussed petroleum data and reports (such as well logs, well completion reports etc.) are suspended until close-of-business on Friday 4th December. All reports and data affected by the suspension (and any extension thereof) will automatically be deemed to be fully compliant with the time-related submission obligations under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act.
  • Data submissions on physical media (CD / DVD / USB-drive etc.) should be retained by the operator until the suspension is lifted, and then submitted to ERD as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • ERD will continue to accept e-mail submissions of geoscience-focussed petroleum data and reports if an operator chooses to use this method

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact Iain Campbell at Iain.Campbell@sa.gov.au or Alan Sansome at Alan.Sansome@sa.gov.au.