Department for Energy and Mining COVID-19 update number 2 for the resources sector

Following this afternoon’s advice that the ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown would be eased early, several new Directions have now been released, describing the COVID-19 controls that will apply from 00:01 Sunday 22 November.

The majority of the changes captured in these Directions relate to treating risk from the ongoing Parafield COVID-19 cluster in metropolitan Adelaide. Whilst there will be a significant easing in restrictions from Sunday morning, importantly there are still active cases in Adelaide, with contact tracing activities and quarantine for significant numbers of contacts ongoing at this time.

The key change for our sector is that the ‘Stay at Home’ direction (the ‘circuit breaker’) is lifted as of 00:01 22 November (i.e. Sunday morning). Other than for any personnel that intersect with the management of the Parafield cluster, for South Australia’s resources and energy sector the recent changes are revoked, and operations return to the same rules that applied on 16 November. Government advice is that work from home should still occur wherever possible.

DEM anticipates that interstate border arrangements will continue to change over the coming hours and days. Companies with interstate FIFO/DIDO interests are strongly encouraged to monitor these developments.

Please send any queries to Martin.Reid@sa.gov.au

Stay well

Paul Heithersay

Saturday 21 November 2020

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