Streamlining cross-border travel processes for essential travellers in energy and mining sectors

The requirement for inbound essential travellers from New South Wales, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory to provide evidence of at least one vaccination dose begins from 11 October. To ensure the process for providing evidence of vaccination is streamlined at the border, SAPOL have made changes to its systems to enable a traveller’s vaccination status to be recorded against their Cross-Border Travel Permit.

Once recorded, the permitted essential traveller will not have to again produce evidence for as a long as that permit remains valid. However, the traveller’s vaccination status will have to be provided again when applying to renew a Cross-Border Travel Permit.

Any essential travellers in the energy and mining sectors that wish to record their vaccination status can email the Central Assessment Unit at SAPOL (sapol.covid19command@police.sa.gov.au) with evidence of a first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

SAPOL will update the traveller’s record, saving time and streamlining their first entry into South Australia. Essential travellers are strongly encouraged to email their vaccine status in advance of travel so that the information can be preloaded, shortening waiting times at border check points. Travellers can alternatively show evidence of a vaccination at border check points and their Cross-Border Travel Permit will be subsequently updated with their vaccination status, however this will add to the time required to clear the check point.

Any issues with individual and group energy and mining sector applications should continue to be raised directly by email to Health.DEMtoHealth@sa.gov.au so Department staff can assist in providing a timely resolution. The ideal timing to ensure an application is processed before the proposed travel date is about two and half weeks advance notice.

Stay well,

Paul Heithersay
Chief Executive
Department for Energy and Mining

Tuesday 5 October 2021

The information contained in this resources and energy industry update has been verified by the South Australian Government COVID-19 Public Information Function Support Group coordinated by SA Police.

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