The Energy Resources Division (ERD) is part of the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) and reports to the Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP in his capacity as Minister for Energy and Mining. It is the lead agency in facilitating petroleum and geothermal activities in the state. It has responsibility for facilitating the generation of royalty income, economic development, wealth and jobs, and the minimisation of impacts on the environment and public safety through efficient management of the state's petroleum and geothermal rights on behalf of the people of South Australia.


For South Australia’s petroleum and geothermal potential to be efficiently realised with the community’s support.


To maximise the community’s net benefits from the state’s ownership of the rights to petroleum and geothermal resources.

Division branches

Energy Resources consists of the following branches:

  • Geoscience and Exploration
  • Engineering Operations
  • Energy Resources and Commercial

Division role and functions

The Energy Resources division achieves its mission, outcomes and objectives through three key inter-related roles:

Attract private sector exploration investment that will lead to new commercial petroleum and geothermal resource discoveries and developments:

  • Ensure the ready availability of comprehensive and user-friendly data and databases that are valid and accurate, and relevant to upstream petroleum and geothermal industries.
  • Maintain and disseminate expertise, data and information on technical and business environment aspects of the petroleum and geothermal industries in the state
  • Research new exploration opportunities
  • Promote South Australia exploration opportunities to the worldwide petroleum and geothermal industries.

Regulate petroleum and geothermal exploration and development activities in a manner acceptable to both the community and industry:

  • Issue and administer licences as required in accordance with legislative and policy requirements.
  • Maintain clear and comprehensive administrative guidelines, and ensure their transparent implementation.
  • Monitor petroleum and geothermal industry activities to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation.
  • Ensure royalties and fees are collected in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • Ensure data from industry activities are collected in accordance with legislative requirements and effectively managed.

Provide policy advice to government on all aspects of managing the petroleum and geothermal resources of South Australia:

  • Respond in a timely and authoritative manner to any ad hoc policy issues relating to the petroleum and geothermal industries in South Australia.
  • Identify and remove unwarranted impediments to upstream petroleum and geothermal industries’ investment in the state.
  • Establish consultative processes and implement policy changes to ensure the petroleum industry’s activities achieve continued or enhanced community acceptance.
  • Facilitate development of new and existing petroleum resource projects by acting as the 'lead agency'.

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