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Map of Australia and its location on the continental shelf, showing location of petroleum wells. Courtesy Geoscience AustraliaAbout AUSTRALIA Petroleum

AUSTRALIA Petroleum is a collaboration between petroleum geologists and regulators across the nation’s Commonwealth and State/Territory jurisdictions.

Its main purpose is to promote, domestically and internationally, emerging investment opportunities in Australia’s many underexplored energy resource-bearing basins.

AUSTRALIA Petroleum strongly supports the exploration for and development of energy resource commodities to fast-track Australia’s transition to a low emission economy.


Australian Government (federal)

National policy and regulation:

  • Allocation of offshore petroleum titles
  • Fiscal, monetary and taxation policy
  • Foreign investment and trade
  • Environmental approvals

State/Territory Governments (regional)

Regional policy and regulation:

  • Allocation of onshore petroleum and mining titles
  • Collection of onshore royalties
  • Land access, environmental approvals

Contact information

If you have any queries, please contact us at Australia.Petroleum@ga.gov.au. Alternatively the contact details for individual jurisdictions are below:

JurisdictionName and positionContact
Northern Territory (NT)Dorothy Close
Northern Territory Geological Survey
Darwin, NT
Email: dorothy.close@nt.gov.au
Western Australia (WA)Jeff Haworth
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Perth, WA
Email: jeffrey.haworth@dmirs.wa.gov.au
South Australia (SA)Elinor Alexander
Department for Energy and Mining
Adelaide, SA
Email: elinor.alexander@sa.gov.au
Victoria (Vic)Louise Goldie Divko
Geological Survey of Victoria
Melbourne, Vic
Email: louise.goldiedivko@ecodev.vic.gov.au
New South Wales (NSW)Kevin Ruming
Geological Survey of New South Wales
Maitland, NSW
Email: geoscience.petroleum@geoscience.nsw.gov.au
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Tom Bernecker
Geoscience Australia
Canberra, ACT
Email: tom.bernecker@ga.gov.au

Whilst the Queensland jurisdiction is not currently participating in AUSTRALIA Petroleum, you can visit their website: Queensland Government - Department of Resources.

Presentations and downloads

Download the above information as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF:

AACC: AUSTRALIA Petroleum Virtual Seminar

AUSTRALIA Petroleum presented an online seminar about current and emerging investment opportunities in Australia for the Australian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) in February 2021.

Watch on YouTube:

Download each PowerPoint as a PDF:


AUSTRALIA Petroleum presented at the PESGB PROSPEX Conference in December 2020.

Watch on YouTube:

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