The results of the 2019 Cooper and Otway Basins Acreage Releases have been announced. Please see the latest updates page for more details.

(Updated 30 June 2020)

South Australia Cooper Basin Release Acreage Blocks CO2019 A-E

The Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, has announced new acreage releases in the Cooper Basin.

South Australian Cooper-Eromanga and Otway Basins Acreage Releases (PDF 6.5MB)
Tony Hill, Energy Resources Division, Department for Energy and Mining
Good Oil Conference, 12 September 2019

Five (5) new petroleum exploration licences (PEL) in the Cooper Basin is being offered by the South Australian Government on the basis of work program bidding.

Blocks CO2019 A-E covers 13,582.3 square kilometres (km2) comprising relinquishments from PELs and PRLs. Eleven petroleum wells have been drilled within these blocks. A total of 6,078 line kilometres of 2D and 407 square kilometres (km2) of 3D seismic data have been acquired within the blocks. The various blocks offer a diversity of play types and the opportunity to build a portfolio of prospects and leads across the Cooper Basin.

Download the CO2019 A-E Acreage Release Brochure

CO2019 tenement map

Winning bidders will be selected on the basis of the total five-year work program bid. The work program must be completed within the overall area of the PEL. It must include a statement of exploratory operations the applicant proposes to carry out in the first five-year licence term. It is expected that at least one petroleum exploration well would be included in the program.

For application and awards procedures go to

Bids will be assessed using the philosophies expressed in “Selecting the winning bid” . For a review of how this process has been applied see “Shaping the Cooper Basin 21st century renaissance”. The specific scoring scheme is detailed in “CO2019 Bid Assessment Policy ”.

In general, it is important to note that the timing of well drilling and seismic or other data acquisition will be taken into account. Key assessment criteria include:

  • The number of exploration wells to be drilled in the PEL and their timing.
  • The number of years the applicant is prepared to guarantee the program.
  • The extent to which proposed wells are supported by existing or new programmed seismic data.
  • The amount and nature of seismic surveying (i.e. 2D versus 3D) to be carried out and its timing.
  • Other data acquisition (e.g. gravity, aeromagnetic or geochemical surveys).
  • Seismic reprocessing to be carried out.

In addition to the above criteria, where bids are similar, the benefits of the introduction of new explorers into the area may be taken into account. In the case of cascading bids (i.e. multiple or hybrid bids by one applicant or joint venture), only the highest bid will be considered.

SARIG can be accessed via SARIG provides an interactive map window to view, query and download data including spatial data such as regional seismic horizon maps of key Cooper Basin horizons, tenement data etc. More information on products and data can be accessed by selecting ‘Data and Publications’ on the DEM-ERD website home page.

Refer to Key References

The following reports and datasets can also be accessed from a dedicated cloud storage link:

  • Selected 2D SEG-Y seismic line data – CO2019 A-E (2D
  • Selected 2D seismic reports and 3D seismic reports and data relevant to CO2019 A-E
  • Selected petroleum well completion reports relevant to CO2019 A-E
  • GIS shapefile dataset and ESRI ArcGIS project – CO2019 A-E (
  • 2001 Cooper Basin Mapping project and the 2009 CPZ horizon update in both ASCII and Shapefile formats (Cooper Seismic
  • Acreage release block tenement map – CO2019 A-E

Comments and inquiries for exploration licences should be directed to:

Elinor Alexander
Phone National (08) 8429 2436  | Phone International +61 8  8429 2436
Shane Farrelly
Phone National (08) 8429 2443 | Phone International +61 8  8429 2443

Web site

Applications for exploration licences should be addressed to:

Executive Director, Energy Resources Division
Department for Energy and Mining
Level 4, 11 Waymouth Street
Adelaide SA 5000 AUSTRALIA

The envelope containing your application must be marked

‘Confidential — contains PEL application’

Closing date and time
Bidding now closed.