Leigh Creek Energy in-situ gasification

The proposed demonstration plant involved the establishment of a single gasifier chamber and associated above-ground infrastructure to produce synthesis gas (commonly referred to as syngas) for a short period of time, to test the syngas composition and process performance to enable consideration of potential commerciality.

SAPEX fracture stimulation activities in the Arckaringa Basin

SAPEX are proposing to undertake fracture stimulation operations on petroleum wells in the Arckaringa Basin of South Australia.

Cooper Basin Carbon Storage

The proposed project will initially capture CO2 emissions from the Moomba Gas Plant where there is existing equipment to separate CO2 from sales gas. The captured CO2 will be dehydrated, compressed, and then transmitted via pipelines to suitable locations, where it will be injected into target geological formations deep underground.

Gold Hydrogen natural hydrogen exploration

Gold Hydrogen propose to explore, appraise and develop natural hydrogen within Petroleum Exploration Licence 687 following historical petroleum exploration drilling that detected high levels of hydrogen.