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The Roundtable for Oil and Gas in South Australia with broad-based industry and community membership was established with a focus on unconventional petroleum in 2010. The Roundtable was formed to enable stakeholder feedback and guidance for the advancement of oil and gas projects in South Australia. The Roundtable meets annually to share information about the latest developments in the upstream natural gas and oil sector, and agree priorities for action. This informs government actions to sustain energy security and jobs while protecting social and natural environments.

Since the Roundtable for Oil and Gas in South Australia last met in November 2019, the global COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse in oil price have impacted the local to global markets. The local oil and gas sector is responding to the recent oil price collapse as well as the energy market challenges in transition to emissions reduction, and increased competitiveness and use of renewables. Both oil and natural gas have critical roles in energy markets for decades to come.

Your feedback or enquiries about the Roundtable for Oil & Gas are welcomed.

Next meeting

2021 meeting

The next Roundtable meeting is planned for late 2022.

For any inquiries please contact us at DEM.RoundtableOilandGas@sa.gov.au

Membership of the Roundtable

Membership of the Roundtable is free and open to all. If you would like to join the Roundtable, register your interest to DEM.Petroleum@sa.gov.au

The membership of the Roundtable for Oil and Gas consists of local and multi-national companies, peak representative bodies for industry and environment, agencies from Australian States and Territories, Federal Governments and research institutions, along with several individuals.

Download a complete list of the current Roundtable Company members (PDF 723.0 KB)

Roundtable Working Groups

At the meeting of the Roundtable held on 11th November 2019 a series of Renewed Working Groups (WGs) were convened to identify key priorities that will shape a planned directions paper, oil and gas strategy and expanded Roadmap for Oil and Gas Onshore and Offshore Projects in South Australia. The Roundtable Renewed Working Groups are:

1 Environment and Water
2 Supply Chain and Markets
3 Knowledge
4 Infrastructure
5 Legislation / Regulation

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